Other Services

nail enhancements:

Full Sets                                              Fills

*SNS Fullset - $60+ (75mins)              $40+

*Fiberglass Nails - $50 (90mins)         $40+
*Silk Wrap Nails - $50 (90mins)          $40+

*Ballerina Nails-​$55+ (90mins)           $40+
*Stiletto Nails - $55+ (90mins)            $40+

*Coffin Nails- $55+ (90mins)               $40+

*RockStarr Nails- $55 (60 mins)         $40+

SNS Mani Organic Mani-$40

SNS Color only -$25

SNS Soak-OFF​ -$16

Shellac Mani -$35 (45min)

Shellac Pamper Me Pedi -$60 (65min)
Shellac Polish Change -$28 (35min)
Shellac Refresher- $16 hands/ $18 feet (35min)
Shellac French- $20 (25min)
Removal- $16 (15min)


Pedicure Treatments

pamper me  Manicure

Manicure begins with nail and cuticle care, followed by a mild exfoliant to remove dull dead skin. Your hands will be soaked in a luxurious milk bath and massaged with a collagen infused cream to replace dead skin cells, strengthen nails and aid in skin elasticity. Nails will then be polished or buffed to perfection $25 (45min)

Diabetic Manicure- $20 (30min)

Oncological Manicure​$20 (30min)

Manicure Treatments


This awesome treatment begins with a hot soak in dead sea salts rich in natural minerals, followed by nail care, cuticle care, callus care and an aromatic skin polish. Your decadent service will end with a trigger point massage to work out the kinks and polish of your choice.-

$40 (60min)

Diabetic Pedicure$45 (60min)

Oncological Pedicure​$45 (60min)

Relaxology Deluxe Pedicure

Put the spring back in your step! Now, it's time to cool, energize and invigorate those tired feet with the power of peppermint. This wonderfully aromatic and energizing treatment will clear your mind as well as revive your stressed, overworked  feet and legs.  Raw oils and pure products will penetrate your skin with a warm paraffin foot wrap. You will continue to relaxed for hours after your service.-

$55 (75min)


Nail Art Services

Mirror Chrome- $12 Fullset

Holographic Nails- $12 Fullset

Amethyst Geode-$5 Per Nail

​Metallic Nails-$12 Fullset

Etching- $5/ $12 Fullset

Holes- $5/ $12 Fullset

Hand Painted Art - $3/ $12+ Fullset

3D Art- $3/ $10 Fullset

3D Rhinestones- $3/ $12 Fullset

Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones- $3/ $12 FS

Feathers- $3/ $12 Fullset

Glitter- $5/ $10 Fullset

Minx Mani- $35 (60min)
Minx Pedi- $55 (65min)
Minx M/P- $80 (125min)


Relaxology deluxe Manicure

Dull skin will be buffed off with a unique exfoliant blended with jojoba oil and Shea. Jojoba oil coats and heals inflamed skin and Shea softens, dry, irritated, damaged skin. Then a special blend of organic essential oils and my special collagen infused cream are gently massaged into your delicate skin. A hot paraffin wrap, and mitts make this service the perfect manicure for tired, aching hands.-$40 (60min)


Nails Naturally

Exclusive care for you